Art Memo Game "Masterpieces of the Old Masters"

Material cardboard paper
Size package: 14 × 7,5 × 7
Vendor code GMII-002-00078
Language Russian

Package: the top of the box can be lifted up and removed, the box with cards remains. ¶Game: 64 cards with 32 famous paintings (2 repeated cards in a deck) for a game, instructions are included ¶Game rules: Toss the cards and put them face down on a table. Every player can open any two cards in one move. If the player opens two matching cards, he/she takes them both and makes the next move. If pictures on the opened cards do not match, the player at first returns them to their place face up, so that all the other players could see and remember them, and then turns them face down and some other player makes a move. The Winner is a player that collects more matching cards.¶

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