New arrivals. Limited collection of socks

New arrivals. Limited collection of socks

A brand of designer socks St. Friday Socks, together with the SMFA named after A.S. Pushkin, released a limited collection of socks inspired by world paintings and sculptures from the permanent museum’s collection.

The design of the models is based on the most famous paintings, beloved by the visitors of the Pushkin Museum: the paintings “Are you jealous?” by Paul Gauguin, “Red Vineyards in Arles, Montmajour”, “Sea in Sainte-Marie”, and “Portrait of Dr. Felix Rey” by Vincent van Gogh, “The Attack of a Jaguar on a Horse” by Henri Rousseau (“The Customs Officer”), as well as the sculptures “Discobolus” by Miron, “David” by Michelangelo, and Egyptian sarcophagus of Machu.

St. Friday Socks repeated their successful experience of careful transformation of famous works of art into fabric design. Reproductions was disassembled into pieces that reflect the spirit of the paintings and sculptures. With the help of the SMFA’s employees, the designers have chosen the most vivid and recognizable motifs responding to both modern fashion trends and the technical capabilities of factory production available to the Russian brand. This vivid and dynamic collection in casual style will be an actual accessory of the modern city wardrobe and an excellent souvenir from one of the most visited museums in Russia, a world-class art collection.

Dinara Sharlapaeva, the Head of the Marketing and Advertising Department of the SMFA named after A.S. Pushkin: “We follow the general world trends in museum merchandising. And we like that our Western colleagues have enough irony and taste to make art accessible and tangible in everyday life. This limited collection, created in cooperation with St. Friday Socks, is just very bold, ironic and at the same time actual!”.

“When I was a child, museums fascinated me, – Sergey Tonkov, the founder of the St. Friday Socks, commented on the release of their collection. – And I was almost as much fascinated by their souvenir shops. Becoming older, I bought funny and useful things in the most famous museums worldwide. Now, I’m happy that the SMFA, that is known, perhaps, to all without exception, admirers of impressionism and the art of the twentieth century, you can buy the St. Friday Socks collection – a souvenir that is, at the same time, practical, artistic, and recognizable”.

Each of the 8 models of the joint collection with the SMFA named after A.S. Pushkin is presented in two sizes: 38–41 and 42–46; the cost of a pair of socks is 399 rubles. The collection is sold in souvenir and online stores of the SMFA named after A.S. Pushkin and in the St. Friday Socks’ online store.