New arrivals. Sketchbooks

New arrivals. Sketchbooks

Do you like drawing? Do you dream of becoming an artist and stamping your name into the history of art? Draw every day, perfect your technique and it would certainly evolve into skill. Sketchbooks with images of paintings by your favorite artists will be your true helpers.

Sketchbooks are suitable for making sketches on the road and on the streets of your home city. They can also be used as a regular notebook to record comments and impressions of what is seen. 

Sketchbooks are available in two sizes, A5 and A4.  

There are five different covers in the collection: Vincent Van Gogh. The Red Vineyard at Arles. Montmajour, Claude Monet. White Water Lilies, Paul Gauguin. TE ARII VAHINE (The King's Wife), Paul Signac. La Turballe, Paul Signac. The Pine Tree at Saint-Tropez.

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